Full Stack Performance Monitoring

Powered by Anomaly Detection. Built for Production. 


  • Built for production monitoring at scale
  • Detect performance problems faster and with more context
  • Full stack support
  • Real user monitoring
  • Custom metrics

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Informații despre soluție

Modalitate de licențiere:


Modalitate de accesare:

Instalare pe calculator/server, Accesare prin internet

Sistem de operare:

Windows, Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS

Limba în care este disponibilă aplicația:


Accesare de pe dispozitive mobile:

Prin browser

Integrare cu alte sisteme:

Da, prin standarde


Webinar, Prin intermediul documentației

Suport tehnic:

În intervalul orelor lucrătoare

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Full Stack Monitoring

Full Stack MonitoringMonitor your full stack while keeping cost and overhead under control: http://www.coscale.com/devops-engineer

Cron Jobs Monitoring

Cron Jobs MonitoringDo you always know: how many and which crons are running at any given time? how long your scheduled tasks run? when a cron job fails, gets stuck, or runs longer than expected? http://www.coscale.com/cron-jobs-monitoring

Docker Monitoring

Docker MonitoringDo you always know: How many and how long containers are running? What is the resources usage of your containers and servers? Which containers are showing abnormal behavior? What is the performance impact on your application and users? http://www.coscale.com/docker-monitoring

Magento Monitoring

Magento MonitoringAs a shop owner, webmaster or developer, Magento meets your eCommerce needs.But how closely do you monitor the performance of your Magento shop? Do you always know what's going on under the hood, and how page load times are affecting your conversion rate? Spot issues quicker and get maximum conversions with CoScale's all-in-one web performance monitoring platform. See business metrics from Magento in relation to page performance and conversion. Discover where you can optimize servers, databases and caching to improve shop performance. http://www.coscale.com/magento-performance-monitoring

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